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Celebrate Earth Day 2022

Earth Day is here!  Celebrate our planet today and every day by adopting the stylish yet sustainable lifestyle. In honor of Earth Day, we’ve highlighted the top green-forward brands you can shop at The Gardens Mall to be a little kinder to the planet.


Lush is a trailblazer in the environmentally-friendly cosmetics industry. Their mission is to create a cosmetics revolution to save the planet through the way they source raw materials, manufacture products, and operate with a zero-waste mindset. Reduce your waste and leave the world lusher than you found it with Lush’s Shampoo Bars, a concentrated puck of shampoo that can outlast 2-3 traditional liquid shampoo bottles. One bar is packed with essential oils and fresh ingredients to ensure your hair looks gorgeous up to 80 washes.


Vegan, cruelty free, and 100% manufactured from wind and solar power is the essence of the eco-friendly hair & skincare brand Aveda. Aveda is an environmental leader in not only the world of beauty, but also around the world with their dedication to non-animal product testing, crafting from naturally derived green ingredients, and packaging with post-consumer recyclable materials. Nourish your hair while nurturing the world with Aveda’s Nutriplenish Invati Advanced and Botanical Repair Discovery Sets, available now in-store. Shop green and for good on Earth Day at Aveda and 100% of proceeds will go to Charity: Water’s efforts to bring clean, safe drinking water to people in need in India, Nepal, Madagascar, and Ethiopia.

120% Lino

Dating back to Ancient Egypt, linen is the most resistance fabric with its durable yet stylish weave properties. 120% Lino is the destination to obtain the effortlessly eco-chic look with their signature Italian linen designs. The Spring Summer 2022 Collection features modern resort-ready wear that’s not only breathable, but also 100% natural, biodegradable and sustainable.


Tumi is passionate about protecting the things that matter most: the things you own while traveling and the planet you travel to see. Preserving the planet for future travelers to see is why Tumi builds durable products made to last, innovates with new and different recycled materials, and established a Global Repair Network to locate and repair missing/damaged suitcases to avoid waste. Travel green with the Merge Collection featuring fabric engineered from post-consumer recycled bottles and post-industrial recycled nylon.

Beach by Everything But Water

Inspired by a lifestyle that celebrates the ocean, Beach by Everything But Water is a pioneer when it comes to forward-thinking sustainable practices in the fashion industry. Their environmental campaign, Water is Everything, is a commitment to improving the health of our waterways by raising awareness of crises facing our seas like plastic pollution, donating to ocean conservation organizations like The 5 Gyres Institute, and instilling environmentally- friendly business operations. Enjoy the aquatic beauty of the Earth in an eco-chic bikini crafted from sustainable fabrics from the MaxSwim sustainable swimsuit collection.

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