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We’ve been preparing you for summertime adventures with the best travel gear and the latest fashions. But, the mind, body and spirit are always on trend. Staying healthy isn’t always fun, but we are making it easy with Apple! Check out some heart-smart products that you can get at The Gardens Mall Apple store today! You know that they say, “an apple a day will keep the doctor away.”

The Health App

Staying healthy is as easier than you think—Apple devices are already preloaded with a Health App that focuses on four areas: activity, sleep, and mindfulness and nutrition. So, whether you’re counting steps or counting sheep, this app does it all!

If you’re a health nut and already an app for every health trend, don’t worry, the apple health app easily connects the apps together! And, just in case you health nuts get carried away, the Health App allows you to create a Medical ID, in case of a medical emergency. Let’s try to avoid it though!

apple sport watch with white band

Apple Watch with White Sport Band
Where to find it: Apple, The Gardens Mall, Lower Level Grand Court

Colgate Smart Toothbrush

Ever heard of haute hygiene? Well, now you have with the Colgate Smart Toothbrush, exclusively sold through Apple. The techy toothbrush uses sonic vibrating and AI technology to improve brushing skills and make it fun! While brushing, you use the Colgate app to track how you brush in real time and get suggestions on how to brush your teeth better. For the young or just bored brushers, the Colgate app also includes two games to make brushing extra fun!

Smart Toothbrush by Colgate

Colgate Smart Toothbrush

Where to find it: Apple, The Gardens Mall, Lower Level Grand Court

UPRIGHT GO Posture Trainer

Are you finding it hard to sit up straight? Link the UPRIGHT GO Posture Trainer to your Apple device and the smooth and slim sensor on your upper back to begin improving your posture immediately! When you slouch even just a smidge, the sensor records it in the app—even giving you a gentle vibration to immediately change your action. The app takes improvement one step further by providing personalized month-long training plans to solidify that lifelong healthy spine!

Upright Go posture trainer device

Where to find it: Apple, The Gardens Mall, Lower Level Grand Court

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