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Tech Center

In the last few seasons, we have seen tech creep into the world of fashion more than ever. The two worlds have melded in concept and construction, as designers have gone revolutionary with 3-D printing and fabrics that charge. Designers are also using technology to turn the tides on sustainability. Tech has allowed the world to cut back on the use of 70 million chemical dyes, reduce water of plastic andkeep 26 billion pounds of clothing from going into landfills. It’s time to jump on the high-tech bandwagon and add a new toy to the mix. No matter how you shop, there’s no denying that these items blend the worlds of fashion and tech in exciting new ways.


Elegance Meets High-Tech

Tory Burch has successfully married the worlds of elegant fashion and high-tech devices with its touchscreen smartwatch, launching in new colors for the holiday season. With a design that looks at first glance like an analog wristwatch, this smartphone-compatible device is everything you have ever wanted from a smartwatch. 

Touchscreen Smartwatch by Tory Burch
Where to find it: Upper Level Saks Fifth Avenue Court


Breath of Fresh AirPods

The second generation of Apple’s revolutionary AirPods has been updated with a signature H1 chip that allows for an extra hour of talk, quicker connections and voice-activated Siri access. The AirPods are also now available with a new wireless charging case so that you can charge on the go, ensuring that your AirPods are always ready when you need them. 

AirPods by Apple
Where to find it: Lower Level Grand Court


Smart Sunnies

Under the brand’s Eyes Forward campaign—an initiative focusingon design and innovation—Edward Beiner launched its first 3D printed eyewear collection. The line features 12 lightweightstyles and numerous color options. We love that you can even pick your favorite Pantone hue. Might we suggest the 2020 Color of the Year?

3D Printed Frames from Edward Beiner
Where to find it: Lower Level Nordstrom Court


Go Solar

Lacoste has introduced a lightweight backpack with a detachable solar charger built right into the flap. Whether you’re taking a hike or simply walking around the concrete jungle you call home, you’ll never find yourself without a device charger again. 


Solar Charger Backpack by Lacoste
Where to find it: Upper Level Grand Court

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