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The Gardens Mall Honors Women’s History Month

Every year March is dedicated to the fearless females that have shaped our society. In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting five fierce fashion leaders that have revolutionized the industry. We recognize and celebrate these inspiring female trailblazers for their courage, perseverance, and timeless style.

Kate Spade

Kate Spade New York is one of the most recognizable brands in the fashion industry, thanks to one woman with a vision of colorful living. In 1993, Kate Spade left her job as accessories editor at Mademoiselle Magazine, to design the perfect handbag combining sleek shapes and colorful pallets. From opening her first boutique in Manhattan to growing the company into a global lifestyle brand, Kate Spade’s passion and perseverance is an inspiring reminder that anything is possible.


CH Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera has always had an eye for fashion starting with her own personal style. Being featured on several “best dressed” lists, she courageously cultivated her passion for fashion into a chic designer clothing and fragrance line. The CH brand has flourished with having 287 retail presences globally, as well as styling high profile personalities like Jacqueline Kennedy and Michelle Obama. “I have a responsibility to the woman of today- to make her feel confident, modern, and above all else beautiful.” – Carolina Herrera

Kendra Scott

The Kendra Scott brand is a highly successful accessory and lifestyle company, but its humble roots originated with Kendra Scott making jewelry in her spare bedroom. After having a previous business that shut down, her resilience and determination set her apart, making her a leader in the fashion industry. Kendra Scott is a woman who exemplifies that sometimes failing is the first step to success with the right perspective.

Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer is one of the most iconic fashion brands known for their unique lively patterns. Lilly Pulitzer got her start in the fashion industry by working a fruit juice stand on Via Mizner in Palm Beach. She found that squeezing juices made a colorful mess and her solution was designing brightly patterned dresses to camouflage her spills. Customers fell in love with the one of a kind colorful dresses so she devoted her time to designing and created the now highly acclaimed Lilly Pulitzer fashion line. Recently celebrating their 62nd Anniversary, Lilly Pulitzer is an inspiration to women that when life gives you lemons you really can make lemonade if you courageously seize the opportunity.

Tory Burch

A vision is all it takes to impact and change the world, and Tory Burch is the perfect example of that. Fashion has always been a part of Tory Burch’s life, whether it was admiring her mother’s exquisite style, working for fashion designers in New York, or advertising big fashion labels like Ralph Lauren and Vera Wang. In 2004, she pursued her passion and created a global fashion empire, but her work didn’t stop there. Tory Burch envisioned a world filled with fearless females chasing after their dreams. Instead of waiting for the world to evolve, she instead established the Tory Burch Foundation which supports the empowerment of women entrepreneurs through mentorship, entrepreneurial education, and financial literacy programs. The Tory Burch brand is a reminder that success stems from a clear vision and the perseverance to see it through.

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