Blue Mercury Spa inside Macy's


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Blue Mercury Spa inside Macy's

Located inside Macy's | First Floor | West Entrance

Skincare Treatments

Modern Facial
Basic cleansing, manual exfoliation, extractions, treatment mask and oxygen therapy.
50 minutes $95
Add On Services:
eye-zone treatment $30
glycolic peel $35
microdermabrasian $85
vitamin oxygen blast $45
vitamin C treatment $35

Fast Blast
Cleansing, glycolic peel and vitamin oxygen blast
30 minutes $85

Purifying Facial
Modern facial + glycolic peel for complete exfoliation, oil-control and deep pore cleansing
50 minutes $130

Hydrating Facial
Modern facial + vitamin oxygen blast for extar moisture, firming, oxygen and protection
50 minutes $140

Brightening Facial
Modern facial + glycolic peel + vitamin C treatment for lightening, tightening and exfoliation
50 minutes $165

Fusion Facial
Our most popular facial treatment blend is a modern facial + glycolic peel + vitamin oxygen blast
50 minutes $175



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