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Brio Tuscan Grille

BRIO brings the pleasures of the Tuscan country villa to the American city. The Italians built their spacious country villas to escape the pressures of urban life and enjoy "La Dolce Vita" - the good life.

They would mingle with family and friends and eat freshly prepared food from their grounds while surrounded by natural beauty. In just that manner, Brio offers its guests "La Dolce Vita."




Brio / PF Chang's Lot / Valet

Now to 6.17.18

Get Hooked on Seafood at Brio Tuscan Grille this Spring

Reel in your friends and family for Brio's Seafood Celebration this spring, from April 3rd through June 17th! Offerings included: Strawbery Balsamic Salmon Salad Grllled Salmon Fresca Shrimp Mediterranean Lobster & Shrimp Ravioli Seasonal cocktails are also available to accompany the...

Now to 6.17.18

Brio Tuscan Grille Spring Gift Card Promotion

The perfect gift for moms, dads and grads! For every $100 in gift cards purchased, guests will receive a free $25 bonus card.  Offer valid April 9th - June 17th. 

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