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Park Avenue BBQ Grille


Did Somebody Say Barbeque?
At PA BBQ, we hear you. Loud and clear. Since 1988 it has been our passion to serve our customers only the very best barbecue available. We are proud of the fact that we have made a lot of friends over the years, grown business beyond our wildest dreams and in the process learned a few things about making great BBQ.

At PA BBQ or mission is "To Improve our customers lives with High Quality BBQ."
When you visit one of our locations you will notice a few of the things that have made us a 20-year overnight success.
We are proud to offer our customers clean, spacious, family friendly settings to enjoy some serious BBQ. The décor in each of our BBQ’s is dedicated to the local history of the town that restaurant is in. Not just pictures of the buildings, but the people who made a difference in the history of that town. If they happen to have a little sauce on them – so much the better.




Park Avenue BBQ lot

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