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Security Department

Parking Lot Restrictions and Delivery Information

Park only in delineated parking spaces. Curb or traffic lane parking is not permitted.
Mall entrances are for drop off and pick up only. Vehicles left unattended in drop off/pick up areas are subject to towing at owner’s expense without notice.
Overnight parking is prohibited. Vehicles left parked overnight are subject to tow, at owner’s expense, at any time without notice.
Charter buses may drop off and pick up at passengers Entrance 2 (Food Court).
Parking for oversized vehicles or vehicles with trailers may park in the Oversized Parking Area at the rear of the “E” lot. Please turn off engines while parked. Camping or overnight parking is not permitted.
Vendors conducting work on property for the Mall or its stores must contact Security for clearance before beginning work.
Please do not leave children or pets in an unattended vehicle for any length of time.
Handicapped parking spaces are available at each mall entrance. Guests needing assistance may also leave vehicles with handicapped access stickers with our Valet attendants for parking at no charge. Wheelchairs are available at Concierge in Grand Court, in the center of the Mall.

Conduct that is disorderly, disruptive, or endangers others is not permitted.
Loitering, blocking storefronts or fire exits and walking in groups in such a way as to inconvenience others is not permitted.
Appropriate, non-offensive attire including shirts and shoes are required. No masks or other clothing obscuring the face is permitted.
Photographing, videotaping or filming in any part of the Mall requires written consent from Mall management.
Picketing, distributing handbills, soliciting or petitioning is not permitted.
School truancy laws are enforced by the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department.
The commission of any act defined by Federal, State, or Local ordinances as a criminal act is not permitted.
Safety Tips

Report suspicious activity to security immediately via phone, in person with an officer, or by asking store personnel to contact security for you.
Do not leave valuables unattended.
Valuables should not be left in your vehicles including the trunk. Secure valuables at your residence or keep them on your person.
Should you experience a medical, fire, or police emergency, contact 911 first giving the Mall and your exact location within the Mall, and then alert security.
Security will provide escorts at any time to guests and tenants.

The Gardens Mall does not permit smoking in accordance with the Clean Indoor Air Act.

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