ATHLETA - Yoga Off The Mat with Dr. Christen Scott | The Gardens Mall
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ATHLETA – Yoga Off The Mat with Dr. Christen Scott

July 14, 2019

Join us Sunday, July 14th from 11am – 12pm at Namaste at The Gardens for “Yoga Off The Mat” with Dr. Christen Scott. Bring that peaceful, blissed out feeling from yoga into your life.

Dr. Christen Scott (the Yoga Shrink) is a clinical psychologist and owner of Power Yoga Tribe in North Palm Beach. She blends yoga philosophy with years of experience as a physiologist to guide people in creating a life of joy and possibility. In this workshop she will be sharing all the physical postures, breathwork, meditation techniques and practical tools you need to bring that relaxing feeling you love from yoga into real life. Bring a notebook and a pen. You’re not going to want to miss (or forget) any of this goodness.

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