ZALES - Marilyn Monroe Collection Launch | The Gardens Mall
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Marilyn Monroe Flyer Launch

ZALES – Marilyn Monroe Collection Launch

November 9, 2019 - November 30, 2019

Join us Friday, November 9th for the launch of our Exclusive Marilyn Monroe Collection.

Introducing a truly special collection, inspired by a legendary icon and global inspiration, Marilyn Monroe. Her pioneering spirit, independence and confidence, along with her incomparable star power, continue to inspire modern generations and transcend cultures and backgrounds. Every piece in this collection was designed by Zales and represents something special about Marilyn and has a unique quote associated with it that you will see used throughout the in-store presentation, online and in our marketing. The designs were created through a deep understanding of the life of Marilyn from her strength as a woman to her love for shoes, animals and all things beautiful!

Zales is honored that the Estate of Marilyn Monroe has chosen to collaborate EXCLUSIVELY with Zales on fine jewelry. This means you will not find this collection anywhere else in the US. Our sister brand, Peoples Jewellers, will also have this collection in Canada. We believe that Zales emobies all the beauty and glamour of Marilyn. The Marilyn Monroe Collection is a celebration of a strong, feminine woman. Her beauty, intelligence and glamour are unmatched and come through in each jewelry design.

The collection is a testament to Marilyn’s remarkable story and the stories of modern women today – empowered women who know exactly who they are, trust their own path and express what makes them unique, unmistakable, beautiful. Women who know they are all the inspiration they need and who live by the words: I AM MY OWN MUSE

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