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February 10, 2018

Traveling can be exciting, but equally stressful, especially if you’re traveling for work. Here are some tips and key items you should have to help ease your prep and travel time.

What to pack

Stick with a dark color scheme - black, gray and navy goes with everything, can be styled together and won’t show wear-and-tear. A flattering and versatile black dress is always a must-have. We recommend a wrap style because you can wear to meetings during the day and seamlessly transition to happy hour. Choose one in a jersey material so you can pack without worrying about wrinkles. Visit Ann Taylor and White House | Black Market for some stylish options.

In addition to the black dress, choose basic items that you can mix and match. This isn’t the time to experiment with a new look or trends, especially if you’re meeting with clients or business partners. Stick with the basics.


Never. Check. Your. Bag. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but try your best to travel with a carry-on. A carry-on will save you time at check-in and you’ll always have your things with you. If you travel a lot, whether for business or pleasure, invest in a quality bag that will withstand being thrown around and lugged through countless airports. Tumi carry-on luggage is lightweight and meets all TSA guidelines so you don’t need to stress at the gate.


Wear heavier items

Since you’re taking a carry-on, you need to utilize the space you have purposefully. One way to do this is by wearing your heavier pieces, like a blazer, on the flight. While leggings and a cozy cardigan may be more comfortable, remember, you’re traveling for business and never know whom you’ll bump into. You always need to be ready to make a positive first impression. So, pack your leggings and pair your blazer with dark blue denim and fashion sneakers or a bootie (which will also take up the most space, compared to your other shoe options).

Portable steamer

There is nothing worse than packing your nice, business clothes only to reach your destination and find everything wrinkled. Your hotel will have an iron, but I always recommend steaming. Using a steamer is faster, easier and doesn’t damage your clothing the way ironing does. An iron crushes the fibers of the textiles, shortening the lifespan of your garment. So, find a small portable steamer and include that in your packing list.

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