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ABOUT LOVE Tiffany & Co. Transcript

Open to closeup of a woman’s hands playing the piano.  Tiffany & Co. logo comes up. Pans back to show the back of the woman at the piano, who’s wearing a yellow diamond necklace draped on her back.  Cuts to the woman on a plane – it’s Beyonce in a white suit with the yellow diamond around her neck.  Cuts to Jay-Z typing the lyrics to the song on an old typewriter and watching video of Beyonce.  Cuts to Jay-Z filming Beyonce at the piano with an old camera.  Cuts back and forth to Jay-Z in a house overlooking a city scape, and Beyonce in the plane singing the song, and scenese of the couple together.  The plane lands and Beyonce arrives at the home to be with Jay-Z.  About Love.  Tiffany & Co.

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