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The Inspiration Co.

The Inspiration Co./Inspire Me Bracelets designs and creates inspiration through engraved beaded bracelets. Each bracelet is crafted and created to inspire people to embrace the meaning of life…expressing love for each other and becoming the best you that you can be.

Inspire Me Bracelets wants to do something that will inspire and help people. As the world tries to fill you with fear and negativity, we want to start a movement that creates positive thoughts that leads to positive conversations, that then leads to a positive life. Each of our bracelets have positive inspirational messages, verses, and affirmations that will trigger a thought and feeling in your mind that will help you view your life in a whole new way. Not only are the bracelets the new trend and fashion craze they are changing the way the world thinks. We are spreading love. The power of love can change the world.


Upper Level near Nordstrom


Nordstrom/Saks Lot


Coming Soon


Monday-Saturday: 10AM-8PM

Sunday: 12PM-6PM

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